QoS on Palo Alto Firewall

Quality of Service on Palo Alto Firewall Reference:   https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/documentation/70/pan-os/pan-os/quality-of-service/configure-qos  1. The process of classification Anyone who has prior experience of Modular QoS CLI (MQC) on Cisco IOS will know that you first classify traffic that needs to be prioritized against other types of traffic. Similar logic is applied while configuring QoS on Palo Alto firewall. … Continue reading QoS on Palo Alto Firewall

Content Filtering Techniques on Palo Alto Firewall

Content filtering techniques on Palo Alto firewall 1. URL filtering URL filtering allows you to block web browsing based on URL category. For example, you could block these categories available on Palo Alto - abused drugs, alcohol and tobacco, phishing, peer to peer. Palo Alto also allows you to check URL category for a particular … Continue reading Content Filtering Techniques on Palo Alto Firewall

Palo Alto – x forwarded for feature

Enterprise internet set ups incorporate systems like Proxy Servers. Such systems help cache internet data and eventually save a lot of internet bandwidth and cost. What do proxy servers additionally do? a. Source NAT (SNAT) client IPs and source internet traffic from itself. Here you are hiding/masking client IP address. Such mechanism prevents client IP … Continue reading Palo Alto – x forwarded for feature