NSX Edge Load Balancer – One Arm Mode

In the topology above, NSX edge load balancer is deployed in one arm mode. NSX edge load balancer has a single layer 3 interface which is connected to Distributed Logical Router via a logical switch. This logical switch is dedicated for Load Balancing Tier. There is also a Web Tier hosting web servers and these … Continue reading NSX Edge Load Balancer – One Arm Mode

OSPF Routing Protocol in NSX

OSPF NSX         The above topology illustrates OSPF Totally NSSA setup in NSX domain.   Distributed logical router is handling east-west traffic within the data center while the edges E1 and E2 are handling north-south traffic.   Edges E1 and E2 are configured in ECMP mode which allows more bandwidth to flow … Continue reading OSPF Routing Protocol in NSX