Vrealize Network Insight 3.8 Installation

VRNI Architecture:
Installation Guide:
This installation is broken down into two parts:
– One for platform &
– The other for Collector aka Proxy.
During the deployment of OVA for Platform & Proxy, you will use Thin Provision as the virtual disk format.
1. The first step with regards to Vrealize Network Insight installation is to deploy the OVA for Platform & initialize the Platform.
Once deployed, power on the VM and get to the console access of the platform VM.
Here run the setup command.


And enter the passwords for SSH user and CLI user.


As shown in the picture above, enter parameters related to network configuration:
– IP address
– Netmask
– Default gateway
– & enter the name for domain search


Enter NTP server IP address.


Next, we will open up a browser and go to https://vrni_platform_ip
In my case, it is
Enter the license keys
And click on validate.

Once licensed and validated, you will next generate shared secret which will be used for Collector aka Proxy VM.

2.Collector aka Proxy deployment & initialization.

When you deploy the OVA for Proxy, you will need the shared secret as outlined in the previous step.

Next, get to the console of Proxy VM and initialize as outlined below.





You can now login to the Platform and enter credentials.


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