Cross Vcenter NSX with OSPF

References: Cross Vcenter NSX Design Guide Intra area routes versus inter area routes In one of the earlier posts, we have covered running OSPF in NSX domain. Here we try to cover running OSPF in a Cross Vcenter NSX setup. In the above topology: 1. There are two NSX managers. Primary NSX manager … Continue reading Cross Vcenter NSX with OSPF

OSPF Routing Protocol in NSX

OSPF NSX         The above topology illustrates OSPF Totally NSSA setup in NSX domain.   Distributed logical router is handling east-west traffic within the data center while the edges E1 and E2 are handling north-south traffic.   Edges E1 and E2 are configured in ECMP mode which allows more bandwidth to flow … Continue reading OSPF Routing Protocol in NSX

OSPF Area Border Connection Behavior

OSPF Area Border Connection Behavior Reference: Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures ARCH Foundation Learning Guide - Cisco Press In the case of OSPF, area definition is on a per layer 3 interface basis. For example, referencing the topology above, the link between router D and router F is placed in area 1 Traffic crossing the … Continue reading OSPF Area Border Connection Behavior