NSX-T Routing Configuration

NSX-T Routing Configuration Overall Topology used in the lab Pre-requisites like NSX-T manager installation, preparing and configuring compute host transport nodes, preparing and configuring edge transport nodes are covered here.As shown in the topology above, two Tier 0 gateways are configured in the lab.One Tier 0 gateway is configured in Active-Active High Availability mode and … Continue reading NSX-T Routing Configuration


NSX-T Routing

NSX-T Routing References: NSX-T Reference Design Before we discuss the routing part, it is essential to cover key topics related to NSX-T 1. N-VDS 2. Transport Zone 3. Compute Host Transport Nodes 4. Edge Transport Nodes 1. N-VDS Is responsible for switching packets and is responsible for forwarding traffic between VMs or between VMs and … Continue reading NSX-T Routing